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WorldPay Pioneers Verified, Secure Pay-by-Drone Delivery Technology

Worldpay Drone Pay

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WorldPay Pioneers Verified, Secure Pay-by-Drone Delivery Technology

WorldPay Pioneers Verified, Secure Pay-by-Drone Delivery Technology


Worldpay a leading payments technology company with unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce and unmatched integrated technology platforms, has unveiled a prototype design ‘Drone Pay’ which will pioneer drone delivery around the world.

The technology used in Drone Pay verifies the receivers address to ensure that a parcel is delivered to the right person at the correct address.

“As eCommerce continues to grow, consumers are receiving more and more packages, and Worldpay’s Drone Pay is a great example of how drone technology could simplify the process,” Greg Worch, VP, Head of eCommerce Sales, North America.

“Almost two-in-five consumers have deliveries arrive at their homes once or more a week, so drone delivery has huge potential to reduce congestion and pollution along with enabling faster delivery for customers. Payment technology will play an important role in addressing the recipient verification hurdle and preventing parcel fraud. It will be exciting to see the new ways in which drone delivery could help retailers innovate their fulfilment capabilities even further.”

Worldpay and Socratic Technologies jointly conducted research on consumer sentiment about drone technology and drone deliveries. Socratic polled 507 consumers over the age of 18, online across the United States, in the month of July.

The survey results revealed that in American consumer awareness of drone technology is quite high; however few have had the chance to see a concept like Drone Pay in action. The survey results suggest consumers specifically those in the Gen Z segment expectations from drone technology already:

3 main consumer expectations are of significance. Firstly, over half of respondents were comfortable having clothing/apparel, non-perishable groceries and pet supplies delivered via drone – compared to fresh produce/meats 28 % and electronics over $100 -25%.

Second, amongst the surveyed consumers 61% preferred a chip-enabled card and 73% preferred entering a code/PIN as a security measure to validate a drone delivery as opposed to biometric verification methods like voice recognition or iris scan.

Gen Z is definitely drone technology savvy, since 71 % have greater trust in drone delivery than other generations. In fact 73 % are comfortable having their takeout food flown to them.

Worldpay unveiled a prototype in Cincinnatri on July 24, 2018 that uses EMV contactless payment card technology to verify the identity of the recipient. This technology is embedded into a drone landing pad, which is issued to the customer in the form of a doormat. The card details stored within the doormat are read automatically, when the drone lands to drop off the package. If the information matches that of the correct recipient, the parcel is released.

Worldpay’s prototype demonstrates the best use of drone technology that meets consumer preferences in the U.S. and across the globe – especially younger consumers who are eager to utilize this type of technology when shopping online.

Drone Pay promises to make payment technology delivery and fulfilment for online retailers more secure, while simultaneously providing an additional layer of buy authentication too.

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