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Transforming Drone Security & Surveillance Operations – FlytSecurity

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Transforming Drone Security & Surveillance Operations – FlytSecurity

FlytBase Inc., a silicon valley startup, building technology and software products for deployment of autonomous commercial drones at scale, today announced FlytSecurity, an AutonomousDrone Security & SurveillanceSolution, for effective and efficient deployment of fully-automated aerial security operations.

Drones have already been in use in the security and surveillance industry, bringing a significant change in how the operations are carried out. However, most current aerial security and surveillance systems are either tied to a particular drone hardware, or need significant manual intervention during operation. These solutions lack critical features and software capabilities, such as, AI and machine learning for automated alerts, automatic mission scheduling, compatibility with wide-range of drone hardware, etc. This makes it expensive, and often infeasible, to deploy the drone-based security/surveillance solutions at scale.

Drones have already established the value that they bring to the table, in terms of mobility, unrestricted bird’s eye view and accessibility. The focus is now on efficiencies and realising a meaningful return on investment for wide commercial adoption. This calls for integration of “intelligence” and “connectivity” with drones, to build completely automated and integrated workflows.

FlytSecurity offers a plug-and-play, drone-agnostic, SaaS platform to quickly deploy and scale drone-based automated security operations. This significantly cuts down the cost of development and time to market, translating into an attractive ROI for the drone security service providers. With a wide range of features, like, 4G/LTE connectivity over unlimited range, live video, control and telemetry, fleet management (for simultaneous coverage of a large, distributed facilities), AI/ML for automated alerts, automated mission schedules, FlytSecurity enables fully-automated 24×7 operations at scale. Compatibility with any drone hardware, further makes FlytSecurity easy to adapt to variety of customer requirements (large/small drone, long/short endurance, quad-planes/multicopters, thermal/RGB sensor, etc.), and makes it easy to upgrade hardware at any time.

Nitin Gupta, CEO of FlytBase, commented, “With FlytSecurity, we aim to revolutionize the current state of aerial surveillance systems. This is the first product in this industry to offer a drone-agnostic, fully-automated, software solution, designed for scale. Our focus is on helping our customers realise increased ROI, by significantly reducing their development effort, cost and time-to-market. We work closely with our customers to help them offer the best-in-class drone-security solution to their customers.”

About FlytBase:

FlytBase is a software platform for automating and scaling drone applications. It allows easy deployment and scaling of intelligent automated drones, connected with cloud-based business applications. FlytBase is compatible with all major drones and hardware platforms. Built-in enterprise-grade security, reliability and various deployment options, make FlytBase a platform of choice for various commercial drone applications.

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