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Skysense Demonstrate Automated Drone Charging at Interdrone

Skysense charging pad


Skysense Demonstrate Automated Drone Charging at Interdrone

Skysense Demonstrate Automated Drone Charging at Interdrone


Skysense, an established industry leader in high-speed charging, fast integration, light payload, and autonomy aspects of cutting edge drone technology, has revealed the successful testing of its High Power Drone Charging Infrastructure.

The charging platform, which can charge the batteries of drones completely autonomously and within a short time span of half and hour to an hour, will be on show this week at Interdrone, the international drone conference set to commence in Las Vegas from September 5-7, 2018.

At Interdrone, the startup will demonstrate their innovative charging platform, and are also offering a unique promotion to those attending.

Backed by a Qualcomm-Ventures, Skysense’s charging infrastructure has been developed for the optimal servicing of several VTOL drones, including those produced by DJI.

Not only does the innovative solution allow for LiPo batteries to be charged in less than one hour, but also is very simple to set up-just a simple one-time and 5-minute integration.

Andrea Puiatti is CEO of Skysense and panelist for “Take Charge: Battery Life Innovations on the Horizon” at the upcoming InterDrone.

“We are now contributing to enable fully autonomous drone operations without human pilots by supporting all industrial drones with our charging infrastructure,” he says.

Our Drone charging pads automatically charge drones remotely, keeping them ready for the next flight. This will have a great impact on industries like security, inspection, agriculture and logistics thanks to the increased safety, efficiency and reliability offered by our solution,” he elaborated.

At ILA 2018 earlier this year he explained how the Skysense charging pad could be a game-changer for many industries requiring automated drones.

“Our customers are developing solutions to automate the workload of the drone. Instead of people they want to deploy drones,” he explains.

In order to be able to do this, they need to employ charging infrastructure.”

According to Puiatti, that’s as easy as one, two three.

There’s a retrofit kit that can be installed on any drone….There are two springloaded contacts, so once the drone lands, regardless of the position, orientation and size of the device, the charging process starts, and it’s much faster than an inductive technology on the market.”

Everything is monitored in the cloud, so the customer is able to manage multiple installations,” he continues.

Puiatti’s vision will soon become a reality with support from a key investor Qualcomm Ventures who is closely associated with this project.

NASA, Thales, and General Electric are key enterprises that are already users of Skysense technology, which assists them in operating drones at scale in security, infrastructure, agriculture, and logistics.

Interested customers can find Skysense at Booth #803 at Interdrone to find out more about this game-changing tech, as well as their special offer and hear CEO Andrea Puiatti speak on the panel.

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