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Intel Funds Delair to Innovate the Commercial Drone Market


Intel Funds Delair to Innovate the Commercial Drone Market


According to a recent announcement by Delair, which is a leading global supplier of commercial drone solutions, the company just got funded by Intel Capital for innovating the market further.

With this, Delair also announced that it has recently closed its expansion round. Over the past year, Delair and Intel have been jointly working on the Intel® Insight Platform which is basically a digital asset management solution on the cloud. Through it, Delair’s suite of industry-optimized software analytics can be boosted by Intel – resulting in actionable information that businesses can use while using data captured from Delair’s UAVs and meant for actionable analytics.

Adopting the Intel® Insight Platform into Delair’s Platform

Thanks to this funding, Delair can accelerate and adopt the Intel Insight Platform which is a data processing, visualization, analytics and reporting service that allows users to organize, share, store and harness the power of data provided by commercial drone systems.

As Anil Nanduri, the Vice President of Intel’s Drones Group announced:

“This investment, built on an ongoing relationship with Delair will help make aerial-based data collection and analysis an effective business intelligence approach for more enterprises. Delair and Intel are continuing to drive forward innovation and capabilities to enable a new level of digital transformation by customers,”

This strategic collaboration is already using the digital asset management solution in may enterprise customers across several industries. The solution will also leverage the expertise of both companies in terms of aerial data – which can be used to generate 2D and 3D models, take measurements, enable sharing and run a wide range of data analytics and monitoring tools.

The CEO of Delair, Michael de Lagarde, also shared his excitement for the project, stating:

“Data is the future of the commercial drone business and that’s why we are excited about this investment from Intel Capital. Intel brings a wealth of technical expertise and experience, as well as new enterprise customers. Whilst Delair’s innovation on the hardware side of our UAV offering is well recognized, our relationship with Intel provides us with increased resources to build out the critical data analysis software components of our UAV solution – an area where we believe we can truly differentiate and bring additional value to customers.”

Meanwhile, the Intel® Insight Platform is known for providing robust asset-based data management and choice of various photogrammetric processing engines. With it, users can create and manage digital twins of their assets in the cloud.

The imagery, 2D and 3D models can all be configured and turned to actionable insights – which is why Intel funded Delair to communicate with its customers and partners using sharing, commenting and reporting tools.

Developed by both Intel and Delair, this builds a bridge between drones and industries at scale.

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