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SPACE10 Explores a Driverless Future


SPACE10 Explores a Driverless Future


SPACE10 has announced the launch of Spaces on Wheels—their latest Playful Research project, made in collaboration with visual trend lab f°am Studio.

This project challenges the conventional uses of a car and explores creation of a more fulfilling life on wheels. A key part of that project is ‘Spaces on Wheels: Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Urban Mobility’: a SPACE10 report and an A-Z guide to self-driving cars, including the history, opportunities, key questions and forces behind this technological shift.

SPACE10 developed seven autonomous vehicles to visually explore how fully autonomous vehicles can enable a more fulfilling everyday life. It is supported by a SPACE10 app that allows clients to book a Space on Wheels in Augmented Reality. Download the app here.

Some of the specific avenues explored by the SPACE10 project are providing a flexible office workspace, café on the go, mobile treatment for healthcare, farm fresh delivery on wheels, AR joyride play, hotel on wheels, shopping on wheels and much more.

Research reveals that an average person driving to work spends 75 minutes commuting in congested cities of which approximately 30 of those minutes are lost to congestion. Office on Wheels helps people reclaim some of that lost time. They could use it to get a head start on the day’s work to free up time for later or to get an early meeting in with colleagues.

The Cafe on Wheels concept is a mobile space which enables people to catch up with a friend over a coffee helping make socialising convenient while on the move.

SPACE10 has conceptualised- Healthcare on Wheels targeting transportation difficulties especially for low-income communities thus getting medical professionals to visit people in need. The Farm on Wheels concept brings local food to people wherever they are thus local farmers to expand their businesses and overcoming difficulties people might be facing getting to a store or market that sells fresh, healthy food.

Play, AR Joyride or Augmented reality is set to revolutionise the gaming industry and become the next big educational platform. Play on Wheels, augmented reality windows enable people to try a new game in AR as they travel, or experience educational content that responds to and reflects their surrounds.

Hotel, Urban Sleepover Hotel on Wheels is an electric vehicle powered by clean energy which contains all the perks of a traditional hotel room. It takes people to their destinations while they’re power napping and enables them to reduce their carbon footprints.

The Shop, Pop-up Store is a Shop on Wheels concept which will reach people wherever they are letting them try, buy and explore on their own terms. The new SPACE10 app allows users to book their own Space on Wheels and explore it from every angle in Augmented Reality.

The SPACE10 app is built around a conversational interface that leads clients through latest research and experiments in exciting new ways presenting a user friendly introduction to some of the proposed projects.


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