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Australia Makes Leap Forward to Embrace Driverless Vehicles

Source: Ipswich First


Australia Makes Leap Forward to Embrace Driverless Vehicles

Australia Makes Leap Forward to Embrace Driverless Vehicles

The Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot, which is a trial of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) technologies is estimating around 500 driverless vehicles equipped with C-ITS devices from late 2019. The initiative has been prepared by the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

The new exciting project will trial the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (known as C-ITS technologies) which aim on making roads and road users safer, as well as to contribute towards a vision of no deaths and serious injuries on the state roads.

Developing Australia’s First Security Credential Management System (SCMS)

TMR will also develop Australia’s first Security Credential Management System (SCMS) for C-ITS – in a pilot that will act as a feasibility study which will lay the technical foundations for the future generation of this smart transport infrastructure.

One of the major network operators, Telstra, has also joined forces with TMR and decided to connect and automate the vehicle technologies in Australia even further, supplying TMR with 4G LTE data connectivity for over 500 vehicles and roadside stations, in what is estimated to be a 9-month trial starting in late 2019.

The removal of human error is obviously what comes first to mind for many. Eliminating more than 95% of the road crashes could shape the future for fully autonomous vehicles conjuring images of drivers relaxing in the front seat as they transport them to their desired destinations.

Social And Economic Benefits & The New Opportunities Arising

Society-wise, this development will also open new opportunities, unlocking a magnitude of social and economic benefits and reducing road congestion, all while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the road networks. This is expected to impact the current cost of $13 billion estimated by Infrastructure Australia as the loss of productivity due to the time spent in traffic in the capital cities.

As the Ipswitch Connected Vehicle Pilot kicks off, we will likely see around 500 connected vehicles that participate in it, each exchanging messages with other vehicles as well as external surroundings, alerting the driver to potentially hazardous situations.

The Minister for Transport and Main Roads in Queensland, Mark Bailey, commented the new development stating:

“Working with Telstra and several other industry supporters, the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is preparing to deliver the Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot from late 2019.”

He also said that the pilot will see about 500 vehicles “retrofitted with C-ITS devices, which enables vehicles to “talk” to other vehicles as well as roadside infrastructure, road operations systems and cloud-based data sharing systems.”

Safety First

This announcement will likely reshape the future of connected and automated cars – and its promise of safer roads, smarter transport as well as infrastructure that works for the needs to the average consumer in search for the smoothest and hassle-free ride.

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