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Deloitte Launches Deloitte US Global Drone Solutions


Deloitte Launches Deloitte US Global Drone Solutions

Deloitte launched its new drone offering, Deloitte US Global Drone Solutions, at the Unmanned Security Expo with the aim of introducing potential clients to advance drone capabilities focused on making business operations, data analytics, risk management and governance easier.

Peter Liu, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP and drone offering champion said, “The application of drones is almost limitless across numerous industries. With so much potential, however, comes a lot of risk and we are not only helping clients figure out the best way to use drones but deploy them in a way that meets their business objective, adheres to government regulations and gets them the data they need to make the right decisions.”

The drone market today is a rapidly evolving environment with several niche players. Deloitte is working on helping organizations understand the landscape and help provide standardization as the industry continues to evolve. Deloitte’s approach is based on helping clients customize and develop their drone and counter-drone strategies, determine flight paths and data collection, ingest and process data, and integrate results into the client’s business operations.

At the Unmanned Security Expo, Deloitte also focuses on the risks that drones can present to a variety of entities with the release of its report “Assessing the Risks of Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems”. This report outlines a number of risk scenarios and a framework for addressing those risks.

“As companies or government entities look to manage their drone risk, we’ve outlined key steps that they can take to proactively address that increasing risk,” said Chris Hewlett, specialist leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and Deloitte US Global Drone Solutions offering leader. “Some of the biggest risks to organizations are from unintended consequences, which could seem unpredictable and difficult to prepare for, but through risk assessment, crisis management and modeling, organizations can mitigate that risk.”

Deloitte’s drone solutions team is currently working towards helping companies  in assessing drone risk better with the aim of incorporating drones into the business operations of various clients in a number of different industries not only in the U.S. but abroad as well.

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