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Intel Drones Help Preserve Korean World Heritage Site

Using the Intel Falcon 8+ system and 36-megapixel Sony A7R payload, Intel’s strategic partner DRONEID was able to conduct an aerial survey and inspect the Hwahongmun Gate in just a few hours. (Credit: DRONEID)


Intel Drones Help Preserve Korean World Heritage Site


It seems like drones and their ability to preserve major cultural and heritage sites in some of the oldest countries in the world are everywhere in the news lately.

After the unique combination of drones and artificial intelligence (AI) which were paired in a new project with the aim to restore China’s Great Wall and reach some of its most vulnerable sections, we have a new case of a drone preserving a country’s cultural heritage.

This time, it is Intel and its Falcon 8+ drone which are working on new ways to preserve one of the most popular cultural heritages in Korea.

Intel’s Falcon 8+ Drone and its Aim to Preserve One of Korea’s Most Popular Landmarks

In the latest news, we have the Intel Falcon 8+ drone that was used to carry out an aerial inspection and survey of the Hwahongmun Gate of Korea’s Suwon Hwaseong fortress which is another UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most important landmarks in the country.

To begin with, researchers generated a 3D model of the gate that used thousands of detailed images captured from the Intel Falcon 8+ drone – proving that drones are emerging as an important tool to not only capture data but also archive it and its history all while helping in the preservation of the architectural structures of cultural and historic significance.

Intel’s strategic partner named DRONEID was actually the organization which is carrying this project out and conducting the aerial surveys in order to inspect the Hwahongmun Gate from every angle. To do that, they have been using Falcon 8+ system used the 36-megapixel Sony A7R payload.

An Excellent Drone in Terms of Reliability, Resistance and Ruggedness

The project also shows that Intel’s Falcon 8+ drone is excellent in terms of precision – and reliable for projects like this due to its high performance and a variety of features. In Korea, the drone again proved that it is able to set a new standard for commercial-grade drones, mostly because of its stability and ruggedness which makes it perfect for operation in high winds and resistant against magnetic field disturbances – resulting in accurate data capture.

Its V-shaped design has already been filling up the drone news, being described as a pioneer in the future of commercial drones thanks to its best-in-class safety and advanced performance that is ideal for inspection and close mapping.

On a wider note, the Falcon 8+ drone is now another proof that artificial intelligence can certainly help in the restoration and preservation of historic monuments and landmarks – especially ones which are gigantic and require months of surveying with any of the common traditional methods.


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