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New Guinness World Record for Heaviest Load Carried by a Drone

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New Guinness World Record for Heaviest Load Carried by a Drone


The new Guinness World Record for the heaviest payload lifted by a drone is now held by the Forvola. This is the result of collaborative effort by, FPT Industrial and Forvola during FPT Industrial’s Tech day.

Witnessed by a gathering full of drone enthusiasts and professionals, the Forvola mega drone took flight and remained airborne at a little over 1 meter for one minute and three seconds carrying a weight of 101kgs. “Mission Accomplished”, declared the official from the Guinness World Record to a resounding applause and satisfaction from members of both the tech teams. The record belonged to the University Of Oslo, Norway previously, whose drone lifted about 61kg for 37 seconds in 2015.

Forvola drones are designed for applications in an array of situations, such as rescue missions, cargo handling for the maritime sector, fire-fighting support, ensuring safety near shorelines, and construction site assistance.

After two years of research and development, Forvola® is the first customisable megadrone capable of carrying weights of up to 200 kg. Forvola® is basically made of carbon tubes, designed to be light but sturdy enough to withstand stress and handle important loads as a sizable multicopter. The carbon tubes of about 10 cm in diameter are fixed to each other through specially constructed aluminium or magnesium clamps, as well as the landing trolley.

On December 6th, 2018, with its 16 propellers that provided the mega drone enough power to lift hefty objects; Forvola’s megadrone lifted a 5 ft. box of FPT Industrial spare parts that weighed in at about 220 lbs. The drone held this weight for more than one minute and three seconds, officially setting a world record. Forvola’s drone is the first customizable megadrone in terms of size, configuration, and accessories. In relation to the size of this customisable megadrone, its weight ranges from 100 Kg to 250 kg, with a minimum arm size of about 2 metres. Depending on the chosen power system it can carry weights from 50 Kg to about 200 Kg, as chosen in the configurations and its purpose of use.

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