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UAVOS Announces New Ground Control Station


UAVOS Announces New Ground Control Station


According to news reports UAVOS has announced the release of the pMDDLRadio Data Link, an advanced UAV communication system aimed at the unmanned systems market. An easy plug & play device the pMDDLRadio presents a solution that packages all drone communication into a single RF channel, except using separate solutions for control, telemetry and payload, thereby decreasing costs and weight.  The system uses open architecture and enables full duplex wideband with cyber security protection, digital link, error correction techniques and high-rate communication in the Uplink (UPL) and Downlink (DNL) channels.

The new Portable Ground Control Station (PGCS 3) introduced by UAVOS is implemented as a console with controls collected on the ergonomic control panel. In its basic configuration the PGCS 3 comes with a military-grade rugged Getac X500 laptop. The ability to integrate different 15” laptop computer models makes the system even more versatile platform to use. The system is:

  • A detachable computer and a console with additional controls.
  • Fully compatible with UAVOS autopilot. Console joysticks, push-buttons and switches are industrial water-proofed units. The panel is equipped with a quick-release mechanism for docking the laptop.
  • Designed to monitor and control UAV, as well as to display live video streaming from UAV and can be used as a simulator.
  • Also designed for simultaneous work with an aircraft carrying a payload. A digital modem integrated into the UAVOS system provides UAV control without using an external antenna complex.
  • Equipped with a switching and power supply board which allows the PGCS 3 to work from various power sources, as well as to charge the docked computer.
  • Small with dimensions (length 25.8in (656mm), width 13in (332mm), height 5in (128mm), console weight – 8.6lb (3.9kg), Getac X500 weight – 12lb (5.5kg), protection from moisture and dirt and power transmission of up to 1 Watts. Console housing is made of aluminum alloy.
  • Ideal for UAV, UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), and other robotic applications. Advanced system complies with aerospace standard DO-160 a range of power supply.
  • applicable both as an Airborne Data Terminal and as Ground Data Terminal. It can download real-time video images, data and information from most available sensors.

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS Chairman of the board and Lead developer said, “PGCS 3 is another example of UAVOS developing industry-grade technology that supports our customers’ unique needs. The system incorporates features and technologies such as fail-safe features and redundancy, moisture resistance and the ability to operate in a wide range of temperatures – for mission flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, thus making it universally capable for the wide range of future projects.”

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