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UAVOS Announces Gyro-Stabilized 3-Axis Gimbal


UAVOS Announces Gyro-Stabilized 3-Axis Gimbal


UAVOS INC. has announced developing its own gyro-stabilized 3-axis gimbal with integrated day-to-day FHD video camera and 30x optical zoom (RGB camera with Full HD resolution and 30x optical zoom) with Ethernet output. This gimbal has an extended temperature range of operation and is suited for harsh environments. The new gimbal has a compact size, low weight of 2,64lb (1,2kg), and a strong mechanical aluminum-cased structure.

In addition, UAVOS Gimbal integrates with UAVOS’s autopilot which allows obtaining coordinates of ground objects.

Two axes of stabilization 360+ degrees offer the possibility to get images from any point of view, the third axis and precision stabilization provide high image quality at maximum 30x optical zoom. The high degree of stabilization allows to successfully operate this gimbal on UAVOS helicopters in conditions of increased vibrations.

Cameras can get images in any position because UAVOS gimbal features unlimited rotation on three axes. The gimbal is also equipped with high-precision 17-bit encoders that provide excellent image stabilization and precision.

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, Chairman of the Board and Lead developer:

“Our gimbal has already shown good results when operating in southern regions with hot and tropical climates being installed on a Fixed Wing UAV aircraft, and parachuting to hard-rock areas. All landings underwent without damage. UAVOS will be an exhibitor at Xponetial 2019 in Chicago, with a major presence covering its entire range of commercial unmanned aircraft, defence, and helicopter UAV products and services, moreover, a number of products will be shown for the first time”.

UAVOS Inc., a globally operating company with its offices in China, the USA and Switzerland, has recently raised a round of financing from a group of private investors – in order to further enhance its R&D efforts, reduce the go-to-market time for new solutions and also focus on promotion and commercialization. UAVOS works directly with a number of large customers in different segments. Among UAVOS advanced ready-for-commercialization unmanned technologies is unique High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) ApusDuo, multiplatform autopilot solution for converting manned vehicles of all types into unmanned, and unmanned aerial vehicles aimed to counteract systems of electronic warfare.

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