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A DJI Action Camera Coming Soon


A DJI Action Camera Coming Soon


DJI fans are set to get a peek into its new launch. The company’s main Twitter account has teased out the date as May 15 to unleash your other side. Not a Phantom 5 in the upcoming announcement.

There have already been hints DJI wants to explore underwater. An unreleased accessory for the DJI Osmo Pocket shows a waterproof casing for the Pocket. As per information from a new leak, the Chinese drone maker is developing its own action camera one that will allegedly compete with GoPro’s flagship HERO models. The camera is expected to be based on the company’s existing OSMO Pocket super-wide handheld camera, and one image has leaked showing what the model may look like. DJI has not confirmed the camera’s existence however, the tip surfaced from Twitter user ‘OsitaLV,’ which has a decent history with successfully leaking DJI products before they’re launched.

GoPro’s Karma drone launched at a flashy event only to be overshadowed weeks later by the launch of the Mavic drone. A notorious DJI rumor account has already been flashing images of what is purported to be the next DJI camera.  Nothing like a few ambiguous pictures to get the rumor mills churning. An anonymous Twitter user under the handle “AbuCelal” then shared a screenshot of two images, both featuring an unknown action camera that may be the alleged DJI action camera model. The origins of that image remain unknown, however, and the entire leak should be considered with caution until DJI provides an official statement. We think they look a lot like Nikon’s KeyMission 170.

Could it also be that DJI decided to make a cheaper Phantom 5 SKU with the option of attaching the DJI action camera? GoPros were attached to the original Phantoms. Why not get a dual purpose camera system while also leaning into higher priced models with onboard optics. Win-win for the company and the consumer gets more choices.

DJI’s current OSMO Pocket camera is considerably different than GoPro’s action cameras, which is popular as a distinct ‘action camera.’ The OSMO Pocket has a vertical design with a three-axis stabilized camera head and small display. In contrast, GoPro’s HERO action cameras are primarily of the rectangular sort, with front-facing lenses, a rear display, and a minimal number of buttons. The camera can be placed within a durable housing for use in precarious environments- like strapped to a bicycle, attached to a balloon, or taken underwater, for example.

It’s those models that DJI’s leaked action camera may compete with, at least according to the source. Speculations might suggest DJI is planning on taking on GoPro in a little over six days. Or, consumers are going to get an entirely new product.

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