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  • Drone News

    MetaFly – A New Biomimetic Drone

    By May 3, 2019

    While drone enthusiasts will vouch for the high they get while flying their machines in the sky, a biomimetic device, that is bird mimicking drone, is taking drone...

  • AI

    Microsoft Previews Toolkit for AI and Robotics

    By May 8, 2019

    Microsoft Corp. continues to rack up impressive momentum in the cloud arena, a trend that it shifted into high gear at its annual Build developer conference. The announcement at the developer...

  • Brands

    A DJI Action Camera Coming Soon

    By May 10, 2019

    DJI fans are set to get a peek into its new launch. The company’s main Twitter account has teased out the date as May 15 to unleash your other...

  • Autonomous

    SoftBank Invests in High Altitude Internet Drones

    By April 29, 2019

    SoftBank subsidiary HapsMobile, a joint venture established in 2017 by SoftBank and U.S. aerospace company Aerovironment, has announced a partnership with Loon, an Alphabet unit developing a network of balloons that beam internet...

  • Drone News

    Drones Harvest High-Altitude Wind Energy

    By May 6, 2019

    Wind energy being harnessed to produce electricity is common knowledge. Researchers are now exploring the use of tethered kites and drones to harness the stronger and more consistent...

  • Drone News

    Using Drones for Mediation

    By May 23, 2019

    In a first at ACM CHI ’19 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Session the Interactivity Abstract Meditative movement was explored through a demonstration that studied various...

  • P1 using makey makey and conductive zones on the table as directional arrows P1 using makey makey and conductive zones on the table as directional arrows

    Drone News

    Software Supports Drone Pilots with Disabilities

    By May 23, 2019

    Drones are now being modified to be made available to people with sensory, cognitive and motor impairments thanks to the efforts of researchers Jeremie Garcia, Yannik Jestin, Luv...

  • Drone News

    A Blade-Free Drone – ZeRONE

    By May 22, 2019

    Given the increasing popularity of drone applications in myriad industry segments, research now focuses on ‘human-drone interaction (HDI)’. Although multi-copters are a promising technology for quick delivery at...

  • Drone News

    Researchers Design Spider-Inspired Sensors for Autonomous Drones

    By May 21, 2019

    Technology innovation to enhance the “smartness” of AI systems and drones is being attempted by Purdue University researchers who are building spider-inspired sensors into the shells of autonomous...

  • Drone News

    Scientists Develop Drone Tech to Study San Francisco Bay

    By May 18, 2019

    Environmental scientists can estimate the health of rivers, bays, wetlands and other waterways by studying the flow of sediments suspended in the water, and from the mud that...




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