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Drone Delivery Canada X1000 Sparrow Approved for Flight

Drone Delivery Canada Sparrow Cargo Drone

Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery Canada X1000 Sparrow Approved for Flight

Drone Delivery Canada X1000 Sparrow Approved for Flight


Transport Canada UAS standard compliant DDC Sparrow

Drone Delivery Canada ‘DDC’ recently announced  the achievement of a milestone, namely  its unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is now compliant with the Transport Canada UAS standard. Transport Canada has accepted the Company’s Declaration of Compliance for the X1000 Sparrow cargo delivery drone. The Sparrow is the first cargo delivery drone of its kind to be accepted under the Transport Canada, Compliant UAS program.

A Compliant UAS Operator Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) is a mandatory certification and is the first of three regulatory components to the Transport Canada Compliant UAS Operator program.  This milestone allows DDC to move forward to becoming a Compliant UAS Operator with the expectation that the remaining two of three approvals will come through in early Q1, 2018.  DDC has submitted the required documentation and is confident of its approval in the remnant steps.

“Achieving Compliant UAV Status is the first of three very critical steps in DDC achieving its Compliant Operator Status Certificate.  We anticipate obtaining the balance of the approvals in early Q1 2018,” commented Tony Di Benedetto, CEO.  “We are very thankful to the efforts of the Canadian Government and Transport Canada in creating a favorable environment to grow innovative technology and position Canada as a leader in commercial drone delivery technology on a global scale.”

Achieving Compliant UAS Operator status is also the primary eligibility criterion or requirement for being permitted to conduct Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight operations. This achievement moves DDC to the forefront of conducting safe and effective Drone Deliveries in Canada.

The X1000 (The Sparrow) has demonstrated a history of safe operation during recent research and development trial flights conducted in some of the harshest environmental conditions in Canada’s north. Drone Delivery Canada appreciates the efforts of Transport Canada in creating a favourable environment to grow innovative technology.

About Drone Delivery Canada

Drone Delivery Canada is a drone technology company focused on the design, development and implementation of its proprietary logistics software platform, using drones. The DDC says it is developing a drone delivery platform to provide next generation logistic services aimed at Canadian retailers, service providers and government agencies alike. The Company’s platform is being planned to be put to use as- ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) for government and corporate organizations.

The DDC takes pride in the high standards of functioning of its flight systems that encompass numerous levels of security, redundancy and resiliency.

Utilizing industry leading software, customization, and patent pending architecture, Drone Delivery Canada has an all encompassing group of applications to provide a complete solution for the delivery industry.  The flight systems cover all aspects of a UAV from the operational component, but also integrate the logistics integration.  The operational platform includes full operational guidance, route planning, geo-fencing, alerts, telemetry, maintenance, logs, and full Preventative Maintenance scheduling and tracking.

The entire solution comprises the services provided by Drone Delivery Canada. All the operations are managed in real time from DDC’s centralized Mission Control Centre in Vaughan, Ontario.

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