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Global Tour of CES Winner PowerRay Underwater Robot

PowerVision PowerRay


Global Tour of CES Winner PowerRay Underwater Robot


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2017 is certainly a haunt for many drone enthusiasts, but perhaps not many fishermen. However that’s perhaps where many wish they had been when the PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone won the Drone category of the 50-year-old innovation expo in Las Vegas last month.

PoewrVision are already well known for their egg-shaped quadcopter (aptly named PowerEgg). Adding to their stable of UAVs, robotics and big data technology, they certainly haven’t under-delivered with the innovative Power Ray. Featuring groundbreaking technology features for underwater UAV devices, this hydrodynamic critter gives the impression of a futuristic cuttlefish. Advances in technology are increasingly disrupt even traditional pastimes, and fishing hasn’t been forgotten.

“Recreational fishing is one of the lifestyle areas that has not seen major technology breakthroughs. By introducing PowerRay, PowerVision is completely changing the way we have been fishing in the past 7,000 years.  Through innovating the fish finding technology and features, providing the thrill of finding the catch and an immersive underwater experience through virtual reality, PowerRay is going to provide more efficiency, thrill, and fun to fishermen around the world.” said Wally Zheng, CEO of PowerVision Technology Group. “Recreational fishing will never be the same again.”

Used in tandem with the PowerRay Mobile app, its in-built 4K UHD camera delivers real-time photo and video to the fishing enthusiast as well as position, and the ability to select travel, speed and light settings. For an advanced, effortless fishing experience PowerVision have made available the add-on PowerRay Fishfinder which utilises a sonar system to detect fish. This also allows images of fish, underwater landscape and temperature data to be sent to the PowerRay Mobile app, allowing fishermen to improve on-the-spot decisions – and perhaps reel a catch to boast about.

These are all logical, relevant applications of a submersible fishing assistant, but the ultimate fishing drone would not be complete without a remote-controlled bait drop. Yes, you can attach a bait, and deliver it precisely to your chosen location! As if that weren’t enough, this aquatic robot brings the FPV (First Person View) underwater experience direct to the fisher via PowerVision’s VR Goggles – effectively turning fishing into a thrilling, immersive gaming experience.

They’ve really given it all they’ve got with this revolutionary underwater drone. If you missed CES 2017, you might want to discover the PowerRay as it is launched globally in cities worldwide this month, including Munich, Paris, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, and Tokyo. These events will feature live demonstrations of PowerRay and its capabilities – but the real question is – out in the water, will it turn that tall tale into a true story!

Features and Benefits:

  • Best-in-Class camera: 4K UHD camera with 100-degree wide-angle lens, MP4 video at 30fps, Burst Mode photo shooting at 5fps in 12 megapixels, 1080P real-time image and video streaming, integrated adjustable light for photography and videography.
  • 100% waterproof to allow maximum underwater diving depth of 30 meters or 98 feet.
  • Maximum operating time up to 4 hours.  Fishfinder maximum operating time up to 4 hours.
  • Lightweight: PowerRay base robot weight – 3.5 kg or 7.7 lbs, PowerRay accessories weight – 2 kg or 4.4 lbs

On sale April 11, 2017. Connect with PowerVision on Facebook to stay informed.

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