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Jewel-like Paradise from Drone Pilot Nikolaos Diavatis

Corfu, Nikoloas Diavatis


Jewel-like Paradise from Drone Pilot Nikolaos Diavatis

Jewel-like Paradise from Drone Pilot Nikolaos Diavatis

Hailing from Greece, drone pilot Nikolaos Diavatis exceeds at the enviable task of creating beautiful drone photography. Although now based in Uppsala, Sweden, he purchased a DJI Mavic Pro and took it on his recent trip back home to Corfu.

“In my photography I like to capture geometrical and symmetrical shapes,” he says. “It’s always my aim, having the possibility to come on air and position the camera however I want gives me countless possibilities…This project came more naturally when I bought my drone some months ago, so I took it with me to my trip to Greece.”

We just love how he has captured Corfu. You’d have to agree, no?

At Issos Beach on Corfu

At issos beach on Corfu by Nikolaos Diavatis on

Issos Beach 2

At the Issos beach by Nikolaos Diavatis on

Hazy Sunset

Hazy sunset 2 by Nikolaos Diavatis on

Aerial photo of the Small Church at the Komeno

Aerial photo of the small church at the komeno by Nikolaos Diavatis on

Volcanic Rocks at Santorini Coast

Volcanic coast. by Nikolaos Diavatis on

Impressed much? You can licence Nikolaos’ photos over at 500px or just ogle a bit more on his insta.

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