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Australia’s Eight Most Amazing Surf Spots by 4K Drone

Best Surf Beaches Australia


Australia’s Eight Most Amazing Surf Spots by 4K Drone

Australia’s Eight Most Amazing Surf Spots by 4K Drone


Australia undoubtedly has some of the best surf beaches in the world, and for some it’s the mecca of surfing. Combine that with some freaking awesome aerial footage taken by drone and equally cool tunes? What we’ve got right here for you are eight must-watch drone videos of the best breaks Australia has to offer.

1. Salmon’s Point, Esperance

Many would put Western Australia’s Margaret River at the top of the list for surfing heaven but we couldn’t go past this crazy bodyboarding footage at Esperance’s Salmon’s Point down on the south coast.

2. The Pass, Byron Bay

Definitely one of Australia’s most visited towns, Byron Bay is on the most easterly tip of northern NSW. Tucked in just north of the Byron bay Lighthouse, it features a long, peeling wave that is popular for beginner’s and experienced surfers alike.

3. Bell’s Beach, Victoria

Immortalized in the 1991 film Point Break starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, Bell’s Beach is home to the Rip Curl Pro comp which attracts international surfing talent from around the world. Check it.

4. Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast Queensland

It ain’t called Surfer’s Paradise for nothing. This stretch of near perfect swells is found on Australia’s Gold Coast, and has the added feature of a lively nightlife. Famous breaks in the area include Superbank, Currumbin Alley and Snapper Rocks.

5. Noosa, Sunshine Coast Queensland

Some would say this holiday town gets the nod for best Queensland surfing town. With a laid back vibe and five points to choose from, any surfer travelling Australia needs to have Noosa on their surfing bucket list.

6. Tamarama, Sydney

Sydney has a lot to offer when it comes to surfing spots and most would probably put Bondi at the top of the list. But just around the corner on Sydney’s eastern coastline is this little slice of surfing and bodyboarding heaven: Tamarama.

7. Gull Rock, South Australia

Situated only about an hour out of South Australia’s capital of Adelaide, this reef break might not be on every surfer’s list – but it’s definitely worth a look. With the added interest of some rocking geology (see what we did there), it turns out some nice swells and is worth checking out.

8. Darwin, Northern Territory

Yeah….just kidding! There’s not much surf to speak of in Darwin unless you fancy waiting for monsoon season or risk getting eaten by a crocodile. Straya.

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