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Drone-Deliveries Come to Iceland

Reykjavik —  new location for commercial drone delivery flights!

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Drone-Deliveries Come to Iceland

Drone-Deliveries Come to Iceland


When it comes to drone deliveries (or anything to do with flying in general), the biggest and most complicated issue is regulation. Getting approval to fly over civil areas takes time and effort, and in some places it is nearly impossible. But we know we are in the right direction, because recently the civil aviation authority in Iceland has granted us permission to perform revolutionary commercial delivery flights, using our autonomous delivery drone “Mule”, which can carry up to 6.5 lbs in a distance of 6 miles.

AHA, one of Iceland’s largest eCommerce companies, partnered with Flytrex to expand its’ delivery bandwidth and find new, efficient ways to deliver goods to customers around the city of Reykjavik.

Using Flytrex’s drone delivery system, AHA is now delivering goods between two parts of the city that are separated by a wide river, dramatically cutting delivery times and costs. Flytrex’s system operates alongside AHA’s existing vehicle-based delivery network, increasing its daily deliveries capacity, without increasing manpower.

Check out the companies’ uplifting drone blog here

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