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Yuneec Shows Off Typhoon H Plus, Firebird FPV at CES 2018


Yuneec Shows Off Typhoon H Plus, Firebird FPV at CES 2018


Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec International has entered two new categories with the unveiling of the all-new fixed wing Firebird FPV and all-new HD Racer for a more immersive flight. Additionally, the company announced the second generation of its proven six-rotor hex platform, Typhoon H Plus – its most powerful consumer product yet. The category expansion and product line advancements are a result of Yuneec’s ongoing commitment to deliver industry leading technologies and pilot-centric features for an unparalleled electric aviation experience.

“The entrance into the fixed wing and racing categories provides an opportunity for pilots and enthusiasts to use Yuneec products in fun, new ways and expand their creative possibilities.” said Wenyan Jiang, chairwoman and co-founder of Yuneec International.

The Typhoon H Plus is the second generation of Yuneec’s drone aimed at pro photographers and videographers. It has a larger six-rotor hex airframe and produces 40 percent less noise, with Yuneec claiming that it’s capable of stable flight in winds of up to 30mph. The Typhoon H Plus’s camera is comprises a one-inch 20-megapixel sensor and a “high-aperture” lens, and it can shoot 4K video at 60fps. Low-light performance in particular is also said to have been improved. Like the previous Typhoon H, the Plus uses Intel RealSense technology for collision detection and avoidance. The drone’s controller is based on Android and has a 7-inch 720p display. The Typhoon H Plus will be on shelves in the first half of 2018 for $1,799.99, the same price as its predecessor.

The Firebird FPV, meanwhile, is Yuneec’s first fixed-wing drone, offering an airplane-like experience with a nose-mounted camera allowing the user to fly as if they were in the cockpit of a real airplane. It provides a fully immersive real-time outdoor flight experience. The lightweight fixed-wing design extends the flight time to 30 minutes, which allows users to experience the true nature of piloting an aircraft in one continuous journey. It is a equipped with automated return home, landing, and geofencing modes along with a safety feature that prevents the user from flying too low. It’ll be up for sale in the first half of the year and will cost $699.99.

Firebird FPV Immersive, Fixed-Wing Drone

The HD Racer marks Yuneec’s entry into the racing drone category. It’s a small drone with protected blades that fits in the palm of your hand and its durable construction and beginner modes are designed to help ease people into drone racing and make it safe to fly indoors too.

HD Racer Advanced FPV Racing Drone

The onboard camera can record 1080p video at 60fps, and a low-latency video downlink gives pilots a live feed while racing. A flip-up feature helps pilots right their drones and get back in the air in the event that they do crash. The HD Racer won’t be out by the second half of 2018 and will sell for $179.99 upon release.

From the Typhoon series for the enthusiast, to the Breeze series for the consumer and the Tornado series for commercial application, Yuneec continues to innovate, making aerial photography attainable at any level of flight experience.

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