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Kespry Drone AI Platform Increases Construction Industry Efficiency

Kespry Drone AI Platform

Construction & Mining

Kespry Drone AI Platform Increases Construction Industry Efficiency

Source: Kespry

Kespry Drone AI Platform Increases Construction Industry Efficiency


The ‘World of Concrete’ international event is the only large-scale show dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries that takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January 23-26. The industry leader in aerial intelligence solutions, Kespry is making waves at the event. Kespry features at John Deere’s World of Concrete booth this year, where it showcases its drone capabilities for construction.

The Kespry platform is designed for drone data capture and analytics. It makes use of AI and Machine Learning to deliver new insights in order to accelerate operations in industries such as aggregates, construction and mining. This complete platform enables customers to create and deploy missions for its autonomous drone with simple taps on an iPad and then easily capture, analyze and share survey-grade data and insights, using the Kespry cloud. The system developed by Kespry extends the value of drone-gathered data throughout the lifecycle of construction earthworks projects including planning, bidding and management.

Kespry Mission Planning

Mission Planning. Source: Kespry

New applications made possible the Kespry platform include:

  • Faster and more accurate production of earthwork grading plans. On-demand drone data capture and analysis allows mass haul plans to be easily developed. Project efficiency is improved, benefiting from entire sites mapped and analyzed in hours.
  • Reduced costs for earthwork project bids and increase win rates for contractors. Grading project estimates and bids are delivered more quickly than traditionally generated estimates. On-demand cut/fill analysis reduces ongoing operational costs, enabling close management of the project and specific bid requests.
  • More efficient and safer project operations. Daily drone flights are possible to monitor progress, followed by design plan comparison by overlaying the project plan onto Kespry data. This reduces the complexity and cost of rework, and additionally safety can be improved by monitoring closely change and analysis of grades around the site.

Kespry will be highlighting the addition of five customers and adoption of its technology in the John Deere dealer network including Fred Smith Construction, Ironclad Excavating, Fuller & Sons, Woolpert, and D&T Excavation which have adopted Kespry technology to increase the accuracy and frequency of site surveys to better manage earthworks projects.

Construction Surface Comparison Sequence

Construction Surface Comparison Sequence. Source: Kespry

“With Kespry, we can complete the data collection for a survey in hours and get the data into the hands of our project team within a single day. Kespry accurately measures volumes and quantities and also eliminates the safety and risk concerns involved with staff going out and walking active construction areas.” said Gino DiGiacomo, Professional Land Surveyor, Fred Smith Construction.

“The fact that Kespry offers an end-to-end, complete solution is critical for us,” said Justin Geiger, Technology Specialist, Ironclad Excavating. “Kespry owns and manages the whole solution for us and the team is extremely responsive. The Kespry drone was so simple to set up and we love the fact that it all runs on an iPad and the data comes back so fast. Now, we can easily track production and provide information to the developers we work with so they are confident in our work.”

“Kespry is the only complete aerial intelligence solution on the market today,” said Matthew Bennett, General Manager, Technology, Meade Equipment, part of the John Deere dealer network. “Every customer and prospect I demo the Kespry solution to is very impressed with the fast data turnaround of the Kespry Cloud. Kespry’s excellent customer support is another critical differentiator.”

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