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Future of Drone Delivery Imagined in New Concept Film

Source: Priestman-Goode

Drone Delivery

Future of Drone Delivery Imagined in New Concept Film

Delivery drones of the future as imagined by Priestman-Goode's film 'Elevation'

Future of Drone Delivery Imagined in New Concept Film


Without a doubt one of the most prolific applications driving new developments in drones is that of delivery. From retail giants like Amazon and Walmart submitting patent after delivery drone-related patent, to ‘drones for good’ companies like WeRobotics finding ways to help people in remote areas with medical deliveries – the possibilities seem literally endless.

But what will a future of drone delivery actually look like? One industrial design agency based in London has now released a trailer for a film that shows us what this future might entail.

In the trailer for PriestmanGoode’s film, “Elevation”, which was launched at the GREAT Festival of Innovation in Hong Kong earlier this week, that future is something like a cross-between James Cameron’s Avatar and Tron: Legacy.

The motivation for this concept is to have a positive environmental impact. “The rise in online retail is adding more vehicles to already congested roads, contributing to poor air quality,” said co-founder Paul Priestman in their press release. “Combine that with rapid population growth in our cities and we have a problem.

From a sleek aquatic pod burst what seem like a cloud of dandelion seeds, that spin up into the air to seek their designated destination.

The delivery system, called Dragonfly, is intended to seamlessly integrated into the future airspace of a glittering digital city. They drift up towards the high rises, docking into the sides to complete their mission before returning back to their pod.

It’s quite a bit more poetic than Amazon’s recent patent involving screaming and waving of hands.

“We wanted to create something that is non-threatening and which would enhance cityscapes,” said co-founder Paul Priestman in a press release. “This will be important in gaining public support for the future commercial use of drones.”

Marcus Fairs, founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen said, “Drones have the potential to revolutionise not just the way goods are delivered in cities but also, eventually, how people travel, the way buildings are constructed and the way cities function.”

In reality the short film is a concept video that could be likened to a short sci-fi story, but then, isn’t that where many ideas of our future begin?

The full, 20-minute short film “Elevation” will be released in May.

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