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DJI’s AirWorks Drone Conference Comes to China


DJI’s AirWorks Drone Conference Comes to China


DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, will open the doors to its first AirWorks Conference in China. Held in the Jinshan District of Shanghai, AirWorks China marks the first expansion of DJI’s annual commercial drone conference to the region, bringing thought leaders of the rapidly-growing ecosystem of hardware, software and service companies together to promote cooperation and discussions around the future of drone technology in the context of the emerging industry within China and the broader Asia-Pacific region.

AirWorks is a well known annual event that actively gathers DJI users to inspire, connect and energize attendees about the innovative drone applications available to enterprises today as well as the future of the global commercial drone industry. Conducted at a different venue anywhere in the world every year, AirWorks has become a go-to event for enthusiasts of aviation engineering and technology. AirWorks is the premier commercial UAV conference that targets the entire ecosystem, as opposed to just focusing on hardware, software, or services.

The executives and command of the company expresses their concern and deep interest in the expansion of DJI as they spoke to media outlets. “China is one of the leading adopters of drone technology in the world today which is why we are thrilled to bring DJI’s AirWorks conference to this thriving ecosystem,” as per Sunny Liao who happens to be the Director of Enterprise at DJI. He added, “The value of AirWorks is its ability to connect organizations with the right kind of expertise and tools that suit their respective industries. We believe the conversations over the next two days will ignite the potential of this fast-emerging regional ecosystem.”

While it may sound like DJI were secretive loners, much like Rolex, in their practices judging from the fact that their annual conferences were centralized within the company, that is really not the case. DJI’s integration with other giant companies like Microsoft, FLIR Systems and SkyCatch has been well known; the inclusion of more leaders in the conference saw the demonstration of DJI’s solutions applied by the said companies as they developed concept designs using DJI technologies.

The expansion in the event brought about by DJI is certain to improve the innovative advancement of drone technology.

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