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iBubble, an Autonomous, Wireless, Underwater Drone

iBubble - Autonomous. Wireless. Smart.


iBubble, an Autonomous, Wireless, Underwater Drone


Notilo Plus, a Marseille based French company developing intelligent, autonomous underwater systems announced the global commercial launch of iBubble, the world’s first fully wireless, autonomous, not tethered and intelligent underwater drone.

A Notilo Plus press release states, “It comes with an advanced AI system, offering total autonomy and self-learning capabilities. iBubble is equipped with a state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance system, which allows it to smoothly follow a diver, while obtaining images of unparalleled quality for personal or commercial use. It features real-time image recognition, a unique stabilization system as well as direct surface control.”

This novel remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was designed using Notilo Plus’ patented underwater localization technology, enabling sub aquatic adventures without tethers. iBubble’s features include:

  • A range of potential functions such as Follow, Circle, Come, Stay and Dive. For example, Follow will make it work as a sort of selfie camera: by following around and filming the user’s dive.
  • Lead tells iBubble’s to work in front of the user and record what the user is viewing. It can also circle around a group of divers, or stay in a fixed position.
  • iBubble works up to 25 metres from the diver holding the transmitter/smart controller. The tracking distance can be set between 1m and 20m. It uses sonar to calculate distances and to avoid hitting things.
  • iBubble can also work as a handheld camera, or as a remote one attached by a long cable. The optional Explorer Pack includes a 60m cable. It enables users to operate an iBubble from an iOS or Android Smartphone app from a boat or from dry land.
  • iBubble is a platform for photography and includes two lights, however it doesn’t include a camera. Notilo says it wants the customers to have the freedom to choose their own GoPro Hero 3 or higher, Paralenz or other camera that uses a GoPro mount.
  • iBubble can run for about an hour, under normal conditions, at 1.5 metres per second (4.5 feet per second) up to a depth of 60m (200ft). The replaceable battery can be recharged in 2.5 hours.
  • If iBubble fails, it will float to the surface so that it can be recovered.
  • The iBubble ROV is environment conscious with minimal noise emission levels to avoid disturbing the fragile marine ecosystem.

Business and professional uses could include hull inspections, checking underwater installations, monitoring wildlife and so on.

Nicolas Gambini, CEO of Notilo Plus says, “With the countless cutting edge technologies brought by the iBubble, coupled with its ability to bring exceptional pictures and video footage, this is a remarkable and versatile device for any diving activity.”

Notilo Plus also plans to show iBubble at the CES trade show in Las Vegas in January. iBubble is now available for order globally. New customers can make a 30% deposit payment for the next shipment, scheduled for January 2019. Its retail is $4,099, when purchased from the company’s website: .

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