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Citroen Reveals the Fully Electric, Autonomous, A.I. Enabled 19_19 Concept


Citroen Reveals the Fully Electric, Autonomous, A.I. Enabled 19_19 Concept


Citroen has marked its 100th anniversary with the 19_19 concept, a vision for the future of intercity travel with a focus on extreme comfort. Citroen says its 19_19 concept takes inspiration from the worlds of aviation and interior design to offer the brand’s vision of future full-electric and autonomous long-distance luxury travel.

Head of product Xavier Peugeot said the 19_19 was “projecting into the future two of Citroen’s key genes: bold design and 21st century comfort.”

The 19_19 Key features:

  • Range of 800 km (499 miles), which Citroen calls “extended mobility to escape from the cities.”
  • The 19_19 can be charged by induction, either stationary or while in motion- in areas where the infrastructure allows it.
  • Two electric motors, one at the front and one at the rear, have a total of 340 kW of power and 800 Nm of torque. Zero to 100 kph (62 mph) takes five seconds.
  • The 19_19 is not designed as a fully autonomous vehicle, the car will take over driving operation in certain situations, including on highways or in traffic jams.
  • Stylistically, the 19_19 full-glass suspended cabin resembles an aircraft fuselage and helicopter bubble cockpit; oversized 30 -inch wheels; and a visible sub frame that displays the electric drive train and suspension.
  • The wheels developed with Goodyear have a “floating” central hub and are integrated visually into 255/30 tires.
  • Technical aspects of the 19_19 include prominent lidar sensors on the roof and light diodes to indicate activation of various components.
  • Size comparable to a midsize SUV, at 4655 mm long, 2240 mm wide and 1600 mm high; its wheelbase is 3100 mm and a raised cockpit module allows passengers a higher view of the road.
  • Unique suspension seeking to eliminate the sensation of cornering on an angle. The wheels move independently of the suspended cockpit, and sensors equipped tyres that monitor road and weather conditions and transmit the data to the drive-train.
  • Instrument cluster replaced by relevant information on a heads-up display (HUD). Under the dashboard is a video screen than be used for entertainment when the 19_19 is in autonomous mode, similar to the Peugeot e-Legend concept from 2018. A transparent floor area allows passengers to watch the active suspension system at work. The single-spoke steering wheel — a nod to Citroen’s past in cars such as the DS19 — and pedals retract during autonomous driving.
  • A voice assistant equipped with artificial intelligence technology controls entertainment such as movies or apps, as well as the heating and ventilation, and cabin lighting.

Driver, front and rear passengers each have drastically different seating positions for maximum comfort. The thickly cushioned driver’s seat is sculpted and partly displays its underlying frame for a sportier feel, while the front passenger gets a reclining chaise longue meant to mimic a business class airline. The two are separated by a marble-styled centre console made from lightweight composite. Rear passengers get a sofa-like bench with a bungee-like fabric mesh acting as both headrest and access to rear storage.

Reports from Automative News Europe site suggest the 19_19 will have its public debut at the VivaTech exposition in Paris.

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