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A Drone Flame Thrower Attachment

TF-19 Hosted on DJI S-1000


A Drone Flame Thrower Attachment

A Drone Flame Thrower Attachment


Readily available professional drones can now be adapted to become flying flame throwers it seems now that Throwflame, the Ohio-based supplier of flame throwers, has announced the TF-19 WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment.

According to the company it is a functional flame thrower attachment for commercial-grade heavy lift drones that can hit targets up to 25 feet away, with a one-gallon fuel tank that can produce a stream of fire for 100 seconds.

Back in 2015, a Connecticut teenager raised the question of whether our robots have the right to bear arms when he jury-rigged a working flamethrower — and separately, a semi-automatic pistol — to his drone. Now with the launch of TF-19 Wasp a game changer is now readily available in the market.

It is to be noted that the USD$1,499 price for a functional flamethrower attachment won’t actually get it up in the sky- users will still need to purchase an actual drone capable of carrying the flame thrower.

Throwflame representatives informed that its video features a DJI S1000 drone with an A2 flight controller, 6S 16,000mAh LiPo battery and a TBS Tango R/C remote. this would bolt on an additonal $2,600 to the overall cost.

In this video uploaded by the company a GoPro-like camera is seen mounted on top of the drone. The company says it’s also offering custom-built turnkey drones ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 upwards, depending on how far and fast the user needs it to fly and what kind of image it is expected to beam home.

As per the video the wasp is built to withstand all sorts of conditions both hot and cold. It can deliver a minute and a half of continuous firing time. The company says the wasp is equipped with an array of utility for professional drone users who demand tools beyond expectations. Its quick refueling capability and being able to make CG adjustment with one simple motion and its unique rail slider system ensures the wasp and drone system are airborne within just a few minutes of arrival on site. Constructed from ultra light 3K Carbon fibre body is built for maximum strength.

With it’s on board FPV camera the pilots have a real time view to navigate confidently through complex environments. The Wasp’s capability to instantly deliver a stream of precision fire and its high powered plasma ignition system make it a game changer in clearing infrastructure, igniting remote vegetation and eliminating pests, says the company adding that the wasp is a versatile fit for any system capable of any mission.

Here’s a list of some more worthy applications as per Throwflame are:

  • Prescribed agricultural burns
  • Ground clearing
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Incinerating weeds and pesky insect hives
  • Pyrotechnic events and movie props
  • Firefighting and training
  • Grassland management

The flame thrower attachment is now on sale here.

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