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Drone Photography in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ‘Aidan Campbell’


Drone Photography in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ‘Aidan Campbell’

Drone Photography in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ‘Aidan Campbell’


Alberta’s diverse landscape includes mountains, glaciers, foothills, lakes, rivers, forests, badlands, wetlands and open plains. Drone pilot Aidian Campbell, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, provides us some exciting highlights from the region. Follow Aidan on instagram: @3to2 @ParallelImaging or purchase his photography over at 500px.

Birds Eye Kayakers by Aidan Campbell on

Birds eye view of two kayakers on Barrier Lake, Kananaskis

Split Lake Louise by Aidan Campbell on

Split Lake Louise

Barrier Lake Split by Aidan Campbell on

Fallen timers and aqua icy water of Split Lake Louise

Split Lake Louise

Canoe by Aidan Campbell on


Top Down by Aidan Campbell on

Top Down – Aerial view of coniferous trees in winter.

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