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Drone Delivery Canada Expands its Horizons, Broadens Potential

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Drone Delivery Canada Expands its Horizons, Broadens Potential


Drone Delivery Canada or DDC, the Canadian drone technology company, is ramping up its operations in a big way. DDC announced its graduation into commercial operations and revenue generation through 2019 by servicing rural Canadian communities.

DDC also declared that the company will very soon be pursuing eight additional business verticals where it envisages great growth opportunities in 2019 that include Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry, Construction and Courier Companies.

DDC has grown rapidly in recent years. The company completed a series of successful BVLOS tests at Griffiss international airport in Rome New York on 5th march 2018 followed by another successful series of BVLOS drone test deliveries in Moosonee and Moose factory in Ontario in Oct 2018. Later in February 2019 DDC unveiled its 400lbs Cargo capacity heavy lifting drone- ‘Condor’.

With focus on design, development and implementation of its proprietary logistics software platform, using drones the Company’s platform will be used as Software as a Service (SaaS) for government and corporate organizations.

Mr. Michael Zahra, Senior Vice-President of Operations & Strategy for DDC commented, “DDC has a new comprehensive strategic plan which includes a  building team, new infrastructure and processes for revenue generation from new business segments in the industry,” adding, “our first customer is Moose Cree Fist Nation’ for $2.5 million per year.”

Elaborating further Zahra said that, “the growth in air transportation is expected to be around 400% and what really puts DDC ahead by 2, 3 or 4 years is their agnostic airframe system meaning we are able to install our system on any airframe which allows us the opportunity for licensing our technology very much a part of the business system. The added benefit is of job creation and economic development to the community.

Tim Strauss, Vice President of Air Canada Cargo also on the Advisory Board of DDC said that, “DDC’s approach is unique that is the setting up roadways in the air similar to the route maps on ground by actively collaborating with agencies like Nav Canada, Transportation Canada and FAA. This allows DDC to be an efficient facilitator of consumer to consumer/ business to consumer and return.”

Deepak Chopra, commercial operations advisor and board member at DDC explains, “Most of the risk capital in last mile delivery is dedicated to urban communities, leaving the rural and Northern communities underserved. DDC is committed to paving the way to allowing a whole new technology to prosper in rural last mile delivery segment.”

Anticipating endless opportunities Zahra says, “The opportunities in front of us are not only with the many Canadian First Nations & Inuit remote communities, but also with a broad range of government, commercial and industrial applications globally. We are also seeing an increase in traction with our international customers globally as our drone delivery system continues to be validated globally.

Our proven system is seen as a commercially viable delivery infrastructure solution to companies looking to reduce costs and dramatically improve logistics.” Zahra added that with around 1000 remote communities in Canada, DDC’s intention is to penetrate 20% of their last mile delivery requirements in the next 5 years.

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