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Mercedes-Benz Reveals New ‘Vision Urbanetic’: All-Electric And All-Autonomous

Mercedes Urbanetic


Mercedes-Benz Reveals New ‘Vision Urbanetic’: All-Electric And All-Autonomous

Mercedes-Benz Reveals New ‘Vision Urbanetic’: All-Electric And All-Autonomous


Yesterday was a big day for Mercedes-Benz. On Monday, September 10th, one of the largest premium car manufacturers unveiled the ‘Vision Urbanetic’ – and with that its new vision in the autonomous and electric marketplace.

This, according to Mercedes-Benz, is not only a vehicle – but a full vision on how people and packages will (someday) move in dense and urban environments.

Electric and Autonomous: The Duo That is Making Headlines Right Now

The new model is definitely a sign that big players are turning to the electric and autonomous concept – as one that could redefine mobility. The German auto giant knows that powertrain platforms will one day ‘move the world’ which is why they unveiled the concept of a car or van that can accommodate a bunch of vehicle bodies on top.

All in all, the Urbanetic is not one type of vehicle – it actually looks as an oversized minivan that is capable to seat 12 people for ride-hailing trips or can be used as cargo with two different levels for storage. Functional and spacious, the Urbanetic can handle package with a total volume of 353 cubic feet.

Its chassis, however, looks like a battery-electric ‘skateboard’, with the ability to detach and reattach with different bodies. As such, it is designed to operate in urban and densely populated areas.

Harsh But Functional and Well-Accepted by Tech Giants

Mercedes-Benz did not shortlist any technology on this vehicle. Speaking of, the futuristic concept is perfectly synchronized with the technology inside, which features large-format displays on the front and sides that are meant to communicate to pedestrians crossing the street in front of the car or bicyclists riding alongside it.

On a first glance, the ‘Vision Urbanetic’ may seem harsh. But that is only because (Mercedes thought) it is too futuristic. And while some may call it an ‘ugly sneaker’, others are confident that it gives the best function and mobility with various uses and functions.

Sporting a somewhat ‘avante garde’ design, shall we say, the Urbanetic is the type of vehicle that we will see more and more in the future. As innovation strikes, more tech startups, cities and even automakers are shifting towards this design, function and driving technology. On the other hand, companies like Uber, Lyft and Google seem to be embracing it pretty well.

Booked Mobile in an ‘App-Like’ Interface

To sum it up, the new autonomous and fully electric Benz is meant to be ‘booked’ via a mobile app, which will give people information about its unique number – in regards to which car they booked (and which they should wait) in a quite realistic mobile app interface.

In the end, even if this is not the type of vehicle you expect to ride in over the next decade, it is definitely something that puts a great concept on the table, especially considering its space and function.

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