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DJI Drone Preparations for Action Motorsport Shots


DJI Drone Preparations for Action Motorsport Shots

At concert halls, secure buildings, wrestling matches, sports events especially those covering large landscapes like boat races and formula sports competitions; the locations of cameras that record the area or cinematically cover the whole event hold crucial importance. These cameras are located very carefully at spots that would record the most important details like sharp turns taken by cars.

DJI, the Chinese drone giant, have addressed the problem of acquiring cinematic footage of sports events using their own drones. DJI drones are arguably some of the best drones out there considering the specifications of the sophisticated equipment installed in them and their incredible accuracy and maneuverability in strong winds.

In an oversimplified but still valid assertion, drones are just flying cameras after all; and that makes them the perfect fit for recording or covering something whichever way needed. Drones overcome most of the constraints associated with conventional, fixed cameras. Fixed cameras do not cover the motion of a car through a landscape while maintaining certain angles of view, they don’t move with the frame of reference, making the video recording of car races a lot less immersive for the viewer.

While we do know that DJI’s Mavic Pro 2 is more than capable of artfully recording cinematic footage of a truck amidst a sandstorm, DJI in a new video present some general preparatory checks for their drones before a user launches them up against racing cars.

  1. The drones are required to be tested for any misalignments or loose joints in their propellers or cameras before launch.
  2. The camera lens needs to be cleaned before launch.
  3. If they are launched on a dusty track, the camera might catch some dust. In that case, a launching pad should be used.
  4. A test run should be performed with the drones before the actual race.
  5. It should be noted very carefully that the drones maintain a safe distance from the crew at the spot, audience, race cars, cables and any trees nearby.
  6. It is crucial to fly within the line of sight.

Finally, DJI tested their drones as they recorded multiple footages of cars maneuvering themselves across sharp off-road turns and speed their way through racing tracks. The footage clearly demonstrates the abilities of these drones as they hold very still, fixing the frame of reference to catch a great maneuver or move with the car to change the viewing angles.


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