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DJI Spark Drone Helps Create Complex 3D Models of Cultural Sites in Switzerland


DJI Spark Drone Helps Create Complex 3D Models of Cultural Sites in Switzerland


Drone tech utilization is multifaceted.  Now photogrammetry using drones is helping recreate 3D models of buildings and cities to the minutest detail. David Kretz who has been working with 3D for over 10 years explains from his experiences during the process of building a portfolio.

Studying architecture at ETH Zürich 3D modeling quickly became a passion with David. He understood the efficacy of 3D to comprehend ideas in a precise way in contrast to the limitations of 2D plans which can be hard to read and imagine. David quickly picked up the skill of using CAD software like Archicad to visualize projects and render them in Cinema 4D and compose in Photoshop.

After completing his masters David travelled around the world on his motorbike focusing on photographing, filming and editing videos for the 2.5 years of his journey on road using a drone. David says that this drone, a Spark from DJI, was compact and ideal for travel and helped enhance the quality and perspective of output.

Now, working as an architect in an architecture office in Burgdorf, Switzerland on the 3D visualizations for a couple of projects David began using his drone to capture photos of facades for preservation of evidence.

David began working on developing possibilities using photogrammetry to help with the architectural projects in more precise planning and visualization. He set to work and the results speak for themselves- David has created models of the old city of Bern, the ancient temple in Ayutthaya, a pretty Swiss castle amongst many others; all capturing the minutest of details have made the 3D models as close to reality as can be.

Cultural Heritage in Switzerland

Cultural Heritage is a big part of the Swiss culture- the cities and villages look like something out of a fairy tale.

David has created 3D models of these heritage buildings and is glad to be able to record them the way there are. Someday his work might be able to help preserve heritage for future generations.

Handing out some tips that should be considered for using 3D to recreate models, David says:

  • Choosing the right tool-For single houses, whole neighborhoods or single buildings a drone is required to get the shots from above and also for getting into smaller spaces.
  • Choosing the right time-Strong and long shadows while shooting also get baked into the 3D model.
  • The best conditions for shooting are on an overcast day or at midday day to avoid any hard shadows and the object is evenly lit from all directions.

David sometimes uses the DJI Spark and a compact camera or the Sketchfab depending on the conditions of lighting and the building or place to be recreated.

According to David for a large scale project it’s great to have a drone with capability of waypoints. With this function it’s possible to set up the desired picture overlap, camera angle as well as the flight area before the flight David adds.

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