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Heard of Herding Cats? Try Herding Kangaroos

erding kangaroos with a Phantom 3 drone.


Heard of Herding Cats? Try Herding Kangaroos

Heard of Herding Cats? Try Herding Kangaroos

One Australian farmer has found a novel use for (and excuse for buying) his DJI Phantom…keeping the kangaroos off his prime cattle land.

“With grass only just starting to regrow on the property after summer, it’s frustrating see the roos feeding on what little grass there is. So time for action. My wife seemed strangely skeptical about my motives when I suggested that a drone would be a useful and quite frankly, necessary tool for the upkeep of the block – not at all a toy (I’m not entirely clear on what she meant when she muttered under her breath that it would not be the only tool around) so it was good to be able to prove my point with this video”, he says.

Nice one…so how did it work out?

He continues, “Of course I won’t be showing her all the other videos (or even the edited out bit of this one) that show the kangaroos barely even taking any notice of the drone let alone being scared off the block by it. In all seriousness though the drone has turned out to be quite useful for checking fences – the stonewalls and vulnerable parts of the electric fence for spots where the kangaroos and deer knock them down, and checking for wayward or sick cattle.”

OK, so those Aussie ‘roos ain’t too fussed…!

Filmed using a Phantom 3 Advanced with cheap VR goggles and a 6s plus.


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