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This Aerial Photographer Shows JRR Tolkien How It’s Done

Antonio Carrillo - Eye of Sauron


This Aerial Photographer Shows JRR Tolkien How It’s Done

This Aerial Photographer Shows JRR Tolkien How It’s Done


What can we say? We are completely impressed by the work of Spanish drone and landscape photographer Antonio Carrillo. With both an outstanding insta gallery (@ancalop) and works licensed on 500px, we are pretty sure you’ll agree – he takes drone photography to the next level. Our fave has got to be the Eye of Sauron, which although does at first sight appear to be the dreaded glowing gaze of Gandalf’s arch-nemesis, is actually an aerial shot taken with a drone at Mazarrón Mines in Murcia, Spain. What’s yours?


Svartifoss waterfall, Skaftafell National Park

Svartifoss by Antonio Carrillo López on



Bruarfoss waterfall, Iceland.

Bruarfoss by Antonio Carrillo López on



Jökulsárlón Glacier, Iceland

Jokulsarlon by Antonio Carrillo López on


A Geyser from Above

A geyser from above by Antonio Carrillo López on

As Antonio explains on his website, “My love of mountain and nature enlivened my passion for photography, making it my way and way of life. As a landscape photographer, my daily challenge is to continue to learn and improve day by day, and to share my photographs with all those who are interested. With my works, I intend to show the uniqueness of each of the places I visit, to convey the serenity or hardness of the landscape, and for anyone who observes the photograph to be able to move to that place. As an autodidact, I started reading all the information I found on photography, and there were many hours needed to put everything learned into action. I must say, that all the time invested has been worth more than I imagined, because there is no better satisfaction than seeing the result of all your work, which I hope you enjoy as I do.”

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