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PowerDolphin: A Drone for Above and Below Water


PowerDolphin: A Drone for Above and Below Water


Drones are excellent tools for conveniently navigating through the air and that has opened up their usage to a multitude of applications ranging from paramedic usage to asset inspection and farm management – but it now appears that the consumer drone market is cranking up another notch.

PowerDolphin, a recently developed product, is capable of diving and swimming under water as well as swimming on the surface.

Designed to be an advanced fishing aid that deepens the fishing experience of a user (literally), the PowerDolphin is installed with some impressive specifications that give an idea of how immersive fishing experience can be made by this device.

As per the manufacturer, “PowerDolphin can be equipped with PowerSeeker sonar, the intelligent fish finder system. It allows you to coordinate the waypoint route function with the Vision+ APP. It will automatically scan and draw the underwater topographic maps for designated waters. It provides an accurate visual underwater data. PowerDolphin attaches with the tow line so you can drag rescue rings, life jackets and other relief supplies for people in need of help. By remote control, its more flexible, faster and safer than lifeboat or lifeguard, PowerDolphin is easy to use in life saving operations.  PowerDolphin can troll a hook and bait behind the vessel. Once you’ve arrived at the designated location by remote control you can drop the bait in your desired location. At the same time through the 4K camera you can watch and record the whole process of dropping the bait to hook up a great fish in beautiful 4k imagery. PowerDolphin can be equipped with a bait container, it can quickly put bait into your designated fishing spots, giving you an excellent fishing experience.”

As per the founder and CEO of Powervision, Wally Zheng,“The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for Australia’s water sports, photography and fishing enthusiasts, but can also help to protect the country’s shorelines with rescue response. PowerDolphin provides a new perspective of life under the sea and can assist marine scientists with underwater mapping, as well as help to discover and document marine life.”


  • The PowerDolphin is equipped with a 4k camera that provides Ultra High Definition footage all the while allowing the e user to rotate the camera by a whole 220 degrees.
  • The footage captured by the drone is not only recorded on the drone, but also sent to the user to view it live with Vision+ companion.
  • Adjustable front lights mounted on the camera allow the user to see clearly when the drone dives under-water.
  • The drone can rotate 70 degrees above the surface of water and a whole 150 degrees when swimming under water.
  • It can replace a fishing rod as the users can attach a line to the drone so that it would drag the line behind it for fishing.
  • The drone has a GPS feature allowing the users to send the drone to any desired location with a built-in sonar map that works under water.
  • At a speed up to 5 meters per second, the PowerDolphin can swim faster than the Olympic champion.
  • Due to its high swimming speed, its potential for helping lifeguards in reaching struggling swimmers is being considered. The drone’s three speed gears give it enough power to carry and dispatch rescue equipment like life jackets.

The PowerDolphin is available for pre-order at a base price of $1,299 and $1,890.00 for the all the bits and bobs.

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