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Delair and Trimble to Support High-Precision PPK Drone Data

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Delair and Trimble to Support High-Precision PPK Drone Data


Delair, a leading supplier of commercial drone solutions, has announced interoperability of high-precision data acquired from the Delair UX11 drone with version 5.0 of the Trimble Business Centre software. According to Delair, the integration allows users to drag and drop Delair UX11 Post Processed Kinematic (PPK) data directly into Trimble Business Center projects and enables them to combine the high-quality flight data with other sensor data to create vivid orthomosaics and highly accurate surface models.

The collaboration builds on a long-standing relationship between the two companies that includes Delair’s acquisition of the Gatewing UAS business from Trimble in 2016. Since Delair’s acquisition of Gatewing, Delair has been a Trimble preferred provider of fixed-wing UAS solutions for geospatial and has had more than 70 mutual distributors worldwide who continue to provide and support a complete end-to-end workflow for improved efficiency and productivity.

The high-precision PPK drone data will work with the software to streamline photogrammetry workflows for geospatial professionals. Enhancing the interoperability with the Delair UX11 simplifies the process for geospatial professionals to incorporate UAS data into their existing Trimble Business Centre workflows. Data is seamlessly combined into a single software platform, providing a consistent and comprehensive set of capabilities to generate end client deliverables for land surveying, mining, and construction and GIS applications.

Chase Fly, the geospatial product manager at Delair, said, “We have a long and proven track record of working with Trimble and its comprehensive solutions for geospatial professionals. The integration of data from the Delair UX11, which has its roots within Trimble and the Trimble Business Centre workflow, is a natural extension of our relationship, delivering the most complete and efficient UAS solution for mapping and survey customers.”

The Trimble Business Center v5.0 JXL file format interoperability streamlines the processing of high-precision drone data. The enhanced JXL file supports high-precision horizontal and vertical locations plus accuracy estimates for the PPK positions as well as the precise lever-arm offset (measurements of the distance between the GNSS antenna and camera on the drone). This high-precision data is available with the Delair UX11 PPK, Delair After Flight v6.0.7 and Trimble Business Center v5.0.

Further information about Delair and its brand-new generation of beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drones with 3G/4G communications is available at

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