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A Game Changer! PowerDolphin Water Drone Makes Big Splash at CES 2019


A Game Changer! PowerDolphin Water Drone Makes Big Splash at CES 2019


The first of its kind, the PowerDolphin a multifunctional marine drone by PowerVision Technology Group is on display as a part of the CES Sports Zone Innovation Showcase- CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Equipped with an intelligent underwater camera and radar, PowerDolphin is intended for use in fishing, surfing, swimming, and other water sports.

Wally Zheng, founder and CEO of PowerVision said, in a press release, “The PowerDolphin is a new lifestyle robot that is not only suitable for water sports, photography, and fishing. It is a product that will help a scientist explore marine life in many different ways, from ocean reefs to animal observation the PowerDolphin is a multipurpose tool.”

PowerDolphin comes in 3 different packages consisting of the Standard, Explorer, and Wizard models which will be ready to ship by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Intelligent Fishing and Waypoint Mapping

PowerDolphin provides applications for intelligent fishing:

  • The PowerSeeker intelligent fish finder can be used to enhance the ability to find fish with real-time detection within 131 ft. underwater to help anglers accurately determine active fishing spots.
  • Equipped with an intelligent sonar device and GPS waypoint function, drawing underwater topographic maps is a first in the marine drone industry.
  • Through external mounting equipment, it can find fish, lure fish, and perform troll fishing. Its remote-controlled can directly tow hooks and lure fish to any desired location.

220° Dual-Joint Rotation 4K Camera

  • PowerDolphin’s front nose is equipped with a 220° dual-joint rotation 4K camera to achieve above water and underwater photography or video.
  • From thrilling water sports, an exciting bait dropping process to enjoying the magnificent sea scenery below, all can be glanced at from the first-person view perspective.
  • The 4K high-definition images captured by PowerDolphin can be sent in real-time via ultra-long-range wireless 1080P image transmission to our multi-product dedicated APP Vision+. Users can click on the Vision+ button to achieve a flip camera preview and recording interface, thus ensuring the camera rotated more than 90°.

SportTechie Takeaway

PowerDolphin is built with a space designed to carry life jackets and other life saving devices. A person operating the device could use its vision to navigate toward a struggling swimmer, bringing them flotation devices.

The PowerDolphin drone and is available for pre-order at $1,299.

PowerVision Technology Group is a worldwide leader and innovator in UAV technologies, products, and services. PowerVision’s lineup ranges from smart drones and robots, data visualization and forecasting, virtual and augmented reality.

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